Upload photos


Click "Browse" and select the file.

File uploads are not supported by all phones.

Photo requirements:

- The maximum file size is 2 MB
- photo size must not be less than 110x150 pixels.

You are not allowed to post the following in the album "This is me":

group photos;
photos of other people and/or children;
photos of landscapes and animals, drawings and "jokes";
photos with adult content (inappropriate images of a sexual nature);
photos of body parts other than the face
low quality photos and pictures, substantially modified in a graphics editor.

It is prohibited to post the following types of photos in other albums:

photos which are intended to cause damage (losses) or violate the rights of any parties.
photos which show acts of violence against humans or animals, or contain pornography.
photos whose public distribution is prohibited by law or by any contractual relationship.
photos containing advertisements or spam.
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